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Highly experienced software engineer with a strong emphasis on front-end development using React, Typescript and Next.JS.

My journey started back in 2015, as a freelancer. Attention to detail and sharp communication skills enabled me to build long-term relationships with clients from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Fast forward to 2020, I made the shift to Hi-Tec Inovações, where I've had my first experience working on a team as a full-time employee and discovered my passion for working collaboratively.

After that, I've had the opportunity to work several different teams and continued to improve my skills on a day-to-day basis.

When I'm not immersed in lines of code, I enjoy exploring the mysteries of the cosmos through astronomy documentaries and books.

I'm driven by curiosity.

Work experience

Full-stack software engineer & UX/UI designer @ Hi-tec Inovações

2020 - Present

Hi-tec is a dynamic company at the forefront of solar energy and home automation solutions. In my role as a UX/UI Designer and Full-Stack Software Developer I blend creativity with technical expertise.

Web developer & UX/UI designer @ Freelance

2015 - 2020

Working independently I have gained valuable experience in understanding customers needs, communicating effectively and dealing with time sensitive projects. Freelancing often presented diverse challenges, which I embraced as opportunities for growth.

Personal projects

Full-stack movie streaming platform @ Live preview | Source code

I designed a responsive user interface with Figma, translated it into a React frontend and built a RESTful API that performs CRUD operations on a PostgreSQL database with a secure and stateless authentication system. It follows microservices architecture and it is deployed on Google Cloud Platform with a CI/CD pipeline integrated.

Real-time chat application @ Source code

This application enables real-time messaging, with user authentication powered by OAuth for a streamlined and secure login experience. TypeScript and GraphQL ensure robust data handling and type safety, while Apollo facilitates efficient communication between the client and server.

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